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Quality K9 Accomodations


We provide five different options for your four-legged best friends. All dogs go out into our spacious enclosed yards with a playful attendant at least three times a day.  Playgroups are arranged for friendly dogs.  Summer play includes water play.  Call about discounts for extended stays. Deposits are required.  Holiday surcharges may apply.


These fully enclosed indoor/outdoor runs measure 6’x14’ with solid walls and private yards. Floors are  heated.  An elevated Kuranda bed is available and you can view your dog on close circuit monitors through your computer.

Rate:$40 per day, $7 additional dog

Deluxe Run

These indoor/outdoor runs measure 4’ by 12’ and come equipped with gradient heated floors and partially solid walls. A Kuranda elevated bed is available upon request. Ideal for the pampered pooch or two.

Rate:$28 per day, $7 additional dog

Indoor Run

These large indoor runs measure 4’ x 6’  Equipped with floor heating and solid walls, these runs are ideal for the older large dog or house dogs who spend most of their time inside.

Rate:$20 per day, $7 additional  dog

Indoor / Outdoor Run

These indoor/outdoor runs are not heated, but comfy blankets and bedding are provided. Dogs are separated by chain-link walls. Excellent choice for thicker coated dogs or dogs that like cooler temperatures and who get along with other dogs.

Rate:$19 per day, $7 additional dog

Little Dog Run

Our little dog room houses small dogs under 25 lbs. Dogs are kept warm and cozy in an indoor kennel with their very own fleece bed. Daily playgroups with other little dogs are provided if requested.       

Rate:$18 per day, $7 additional dog

We make every effort to accommodate your preferences. During weekends and holidays it may not be possible. Payment may be required in advance during peak season.  We reserve the right to make accommodation changes if it is in the best interest of your pet.

New clients please complete an animal profile.  All reservations must be confirmed by phone.

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